Yedo Deluxe Master Set Bundle
Yedo Deluxe Master Set Bundle
Yedo Deluxe Master Set Bundle
Yedo Deluxe Master Set Bundle
Yedo Deluxe Master Set Bundle
Product Information
Players: 1-5
Playing Time: 60-90
Age: 12+

Yedo Deluxe Master Set Bundle

Board & Dice

  • $135.00

The Yedo Deluxe Master Set Bundle includes:
Yedo Deluxe Master Set
Yedo Deluxe Master Set: (UN)pleasant Surprise Expansion
Yedo Deluxe Master Set: Annexes Set
Yedo Deluxe Master Set: Coins Set

Yedo Deluxe Master Set edition features:

- Updated artwork
- All components upgraded to true deluxe
- You will be able to "set up” your own experience of YEDO. Whether you want no negative interaction or a game more punishing than ever before, you will be able to set up YEDO to suit your needs and pause play style.
- New modular components brings a lot of interesting mechanisms into Yedo: the Tea house with a set of unique helpers who'll join you for a turn, Specialists in place of regular Disciples, new types of missions and much, much more!

In the strategy game Yedo, players assume the roles of Clan Elders in the city of Edo during the early years of the Tokugawa Shogunate. The object of the game is to amass Prestige Points, mainly by completing missions. To do so, players must gather the necessary assets and – most importantly – outfox their opponents and prevent them from completing their missions.

There are several ways to reach your goal. Will you try to complete as many missions as possible and hope that your efforts catch the Shogun's eye? Or will you choose a more subtle way of gaining power by trying to influence the Shogun during a private audience? You can also put your rivals to shame by buying lots of luxury goods from the European merchants. It's all up to you – but be careful to make the right choices, for in Yedo, eternal glory and painful disgrace are two sides of the same coin.

Yedo: Deluxe Master Set (UN)pleasant Surprise includes the following:

- 15 Card Mission Pack - Surprise Missions do not come with a bonus section. Instead, a rules text appears, telling you exactly how a given Mission will influence the game – either immediately, or during the next round. Each Mission will either introduce a sudden twist that benefits you, or create an opportunity for everyone to gain something unique next round.

- 15 Card Trade Pack

Each copy of the (Un)pleasant Surprise expansion comes packed with reprinted cards for Yedo Deluxe Master Set first print, and a printed errata sheet to clarify the first printing rulebook.