Sine Tempore: Pandora

Ludus Magnus Studio

  • $22.99
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Pandora will end with a breathtaking finale, which will allow you to play Beli'ar in the future, either as a Nemesis or as a Hero. It all depends on you. The final Pandora mission is a nemesis mission, with action cards to manage this new and powerful adversary.

With this new expansion, our heroes will find themselves managing Pandora’s fury, in search of Beli’ar, Jukas’ master, lost in space for decades. In a moment of sanity, Beli’ar had managed to yell out for help through the purple flames, and Jukas had heard his echo.

During this mini campaign, you’ll visit Phitos in search of Pandora, ready to rescue Beli'ar. You won't be able to use the Blessed Weapons as heroes, but will come up against them as enemies together with the droids and their strange appearance, helping Pandora defend against intruders.