Sine Tempore: Kyrone

Ludus Magnus Studio

  • $17.99
  • Save $24

The band of Kyrone Guards has landed on Primaevus V to reclaim the territories conquered by Achab and crew! In this fantastic box you’ll find the well-known Kyrone, 3 Guards, Centaurs set on defending the sacred locations of Primaevus V and 5 Broods, creatures originally from Primaevus V that Kryone and his centaurs have trained to back their cause.

With the arrival of this box, the influence of the Primaevi will increase significantly and the Genesis crew will need to find a way to contain their fury and shrewdness. As usual, in addition to the miniatures you’ll find everything you need to play these new enemies. Therefore, in addition to the Kyrone box (Nemesis cards included!) you’ll find all the enemy cards, tokens and an extra themed game board.

Content: 1 Kyrone, 3 Centaur, 5 Hounds, 6 Enemy cards, 2 Wounds cards, 10 Token, 1 Nemesis mission card, 16 Prey action cards, 1 Tile.