Sine Tempore Kickstarter Expansion Bundle (Arcane + Kryone + Motherfang + Pandora + Pets)

Ludus Magnus Studio

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This BUNLDE is for the all of the Expansions for Sine Tempore. Arcane, Kryone,  Motherfang, Pandora and Pets Expansions!

47 miniatures in total with this BUNDLE!

Aracne is another of Pandora’s agents and just like the Blessed Weapons, she is called to recover the “evils” of the universe.
Assisted by her clutter of robotic spiders that transform into lethal weapons on call, her job is catch the largest prey.

Kryone, the influence of the Primaevi will increase significantly and the Genesis crew will need to find a way to contain their fury and shrewdness. As usual, in addition to the miniatures you’ll find everything you need to play these new enemies. Therefore, in addition to the Kyrone box (Nemesis cards included!) you’ll find all the enemy cards, tokens and an extra themed game board.

Motherfang: Faun live for the hunt, the glory, to win over the respect of their own tribe. Primaevus V offers fauns challenges worthy of their abilities as hunters, which is precisely why they made it their hunting reserve.
Among the terrible creatures living on the planet, there are beasts that manage to instill fear even in the most undaunted hunters.
The Primaevi call them ThunderTooths.

Pandora will end with a breathtaking finale, which will allow you to play Beli’ar in the future, either as a Nemesis or as a Hero. It all depends on you. The final Pandora mission is a nemesis mission, with action cards to manage this new and powerful adversary.

Pets: During certain missions, the Sine Tempore heroes will come across various indigenous alien species. In some cases, they will be able to make friends with some of the animals. These may appear to be relatively docile, but with a bit of proper training they can become valuable sidekicks. To receive the pets, the first thing you need to do is make one of the Genesis rooms into a zoo.