Questlings RPG: Essentials Pack

Questlings RPG: Essentials Pack

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In Questlings: RPG, players will play as two characters, one as your kid form and one as the Inner Hero your child aspires to be! The game guides players and game moderators through a map accompanied with a storybook to give them a framework for roleplaying and building the story.

Not only will you have two characters (your kid character and your fantasy Inner Hero) but the locations you adventure through will also have two different settings, the town you live in and the fantasy world you pretend it to be.

Each character has Goals to achieve when they go through the story. Once the characters have gained 3 Inventory items, they can go to their location of choice on the map to achieve their goal using those items! Goals can vary from winning at a martial arts competition to helping clean up the environment in the town!

The Essentials Pack includes:

-Questlings RPG book
-1 map (11" x 17")
-6 Double-sided Bookmarks
-6 Dry Erase Player Sheets (Pregen on one side, blank on the other)
-13 Dice (6x D6, 6x D8. and 1x D20)