Dream Islands: Package Trip Promo
Product Information
Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 30-45
Age: 8+

Dream Islands: Package Trip Promo

Schmidt Spiele

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A small promo originally available in the 2016 Easter Basket (Brettspiel Osternest).

The expansion consists of 12 tiles and the rules on how to use them.

At first glance, a visit to Dream Islands might seem like haphazard island hopping. The tourists, however, are moving from island to island based on the tactical considerations of the players, who each have three goals in mind based on their order cards. One such card might require the assembling of vacationers on one or several atolls, while another calls for a majority presence on an island.

Thus, in Dream Islands players must tactically budget their movement points in order to send the tourists where they need them to go.