Antarctica: Penguin Expansion
Product Information
Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 45-90
Age: 10+

Antarctica: Penguin Expansion

Argentum Verlag

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Originally available in the 2016 Easter Basket (Brettspiel Osternest).

A small expansion consisting of 8 penguin islands and rules to play.

In a distant time – so far in the future that either global warming or technical progress is so advanced that windmills are going swimmingly in the antarctic climate – the rising sea level and increased resources has driven mankind to increase investment in polar research. The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research sees an increasingly creative interpretation of the Antarctic Treaty System.

Your objective in Antarctica is to develop research centers in Antarctica and to mine resources – for research purposes only, of course. The sun orbits Antarctica counter-clockwise, and each ship it thaws moves on for scientific progress. At the end of the game, victory points for all kinds of majorities are granted. Will your consort be the one that gained a fortune ... er, has done most to rescue mankind?

Turn order is determined by the sun. Whenever it shines on one of your ships, you may erect buildings, recruit new scientists, build more ships, or do scientific research. The game ends when all buildings have been erected, or when one player has placed his last scientist.