Product Information
Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 5-20
Age: 8+


Japon Brand

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There are many deep tactics in simple rule.
The authentic abstract game from Japan to the World!

Players put their color chips on the route of their pawn.
The player who use all his chips is winner.
The rule is very simple, but difficult to use your pawn & stone.
This game has many fun of abstract game!!

[Rule Overview]

  • When you put all your color chips, you win the game.
  • You must play “Move your pawn” AND “Move one of your stone” in your turn. You can choose which is first.
  • Your pawn moves to the end of in a straight line. It can not stop middle of the way.
  • Put your color chips on the route of your pawn. If there are opponent’s chips, back those chips to your opponent.
  • If there is anything on your stone’s destination, swap the stone and the thing.