Baltimore & Ohio Expansion Set
Baltimore & Ohio Expansion Set
Product Information
Players: 3-6
Playing Time: 180
Age: 13+

Baltimore & Ohio Expansion Set

Eagle Gryphon Games

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The Baltimore & Ohio Expansion Set comprises four distinct expansions for Eagle Games' Baltimore & Ohio game. All four expansions may be used simultaneously or players may select any combination of expansions.

  • The Norfolk & Western expansion adds another railroad to the base game, the famous coal carrying N&W Railroad. This expansion includes an N&W charter, 10 N&W stocks, 10 color-coded wood cubes, 5 Coal counters and an N&W Valuation counter.
  • The Technology Level 7 expansion extends the historical period of the game to 1945. Five new Technology Level 7 train cards are included.
  • The Robber Barons expansion introduces important economic interests into the development of the railroads in America. Eight Robber Barons cards are included with this expansion; Steel Producers, Detroit Auto Manufacturers, Trans-Atlantic Shippers, Locomotive Builders and Wall Street Financiers are just some of the cards.
  • The Maine Lumber expansion brings the importance of the Northeastern U.S. logging industry to the game and a special counter is included with this expansion.

Each of the four stand-alone expansions may be used with the full range of players allowed in the standard Baltimore & Ohio game.