Consumption: Extra Helpings
Product Information
Players: 1-4
Playing Time: 60
Age: 14+

Consumption: Extra Helpings


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Consumption: Extra Helpings comprises all the stretch goals that were unlocked during the initial funding campaign for Consumption: Food and Choice.

Adding additional recipes and 4 unique modules to enhance the core game, Extra Helpings is sure to keep bringing you back to the table.

—description from the back of the box

This expansion adds the following:

  • Expansion Recipes: 15 recipe cards with teal photo borders that can be included in any play mode.
  • Potluck Module: 8 recipe cards with yellow photo borders, not suitable for solitaire play.
  • Goals Module: 10 goal cards to award the two players who best meet the tasks defined thereupon.
  • Food Allergy Module: 4 food allergy tiles to cover 4 food groups, requiring each player to work around a food allergy.
  • Freezer Module: 4 little freezer boards to allow players to freeze meats, so they can save them until they want to use them.