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Players: 2
Playing Time: 30
Age: 8+


Japon Brand

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This is the game for two people only. The game goes while you and opponent alternately changing the first move and the second move.

You and the opponent use 8 spacecrafts each.
You deploy spacecrafts on the planet under your power.
You send your spacecrafts to the opponents planet, and capture a ownership.

In your turn, you can take one of two action.
One, move your spacecraft to other planets.

Another one, give the "defense shield" level up of your spacecraft.
Spacecraft can advance to distance same as a big number between planets.

When you leave locomotive faculty and advance a spacecraft, a remaining number becomes the “defense shield”.

Plural spacecrafts can move in same planet.
All planets have satellite orbit for spacecrafts to anchor, and the spacecraft which was in satellite orbit earlier can take an advantageous position.

Fight breaks out, if there are spacecrafts of yours and the opponents both on the same satellite orbit.

The judgment of the fight depends on the dice.
In other words the fight itself depends on "the numerical logic",
but it is the strategy of this game to move a spacecrafts so that you confront in the advantageous situation.

As an example, you can make a preemptive attack if your spacecraft at the advantageous position on the satellite orbit.
In addition, "defense shield" protects your spacecraft from the attack of the opponent.

With your plural spacecrafts, you perform a pincer movement of the spacecraft of the opponent, withdraw your spacecraft once, and can attack it in the timing when "defense shield" of the opponent fell down.

You can build a “base” or a “shipyard” on the planet if you have surplus energy, after you annihilate the opponents on the satellite orbit by a fight.

The "base" improves the offensive ability of your spacecraft.
The "shipyard" can let your destroyed spacecraft go into service again.

You invade planets of the opponent, and build a base or a shipyard.

And to build on those of the facility, it goes imminent further to mother star of the opponent.

It is the game "Warbit:DICEJAR vs. PSYCHOLON".

The player who captured 5 planets it is under the dominion of opponent, or take attack the home planet of the opponent, wins this game