Product Information
Players: 4-8
Playing Time: 15-30
Age: 10+


Brainstein Games

  • $20.00

SysHack is a Deduction game of hacking and corporate espionage.

Play as either a hacker or the conglomerate. Find your teammates and work with them to either hack the data or find the hackers.

This game takes place over a series of rounds.

During each round, players will will have 2 EXE cards each to perform actions, both during their turn and during other players' turns. Actions include discovering information about other players, moving data around, and sending secret messages, among others.

At the end of each round, the player who has the data miner card performs an Agent phase. During the Agent phase, all other players will close their eyes, and the Data Miner will choose another player as the Agent, who will open her eyes and perform her teams Agent action. Conglomerate players will try to expose Hackers, and Hackers will try to expose Top Secret Data.

Hackers win the game if they are able to expose 2 top secret data cards, and Conglomerate win if they are able to expose 2 hackers.