Story of Kizuna
Product Information
Players: 3-6
Playing Time: 15-30
Age: 8+

Story of Kizuna

Japon Brand

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キズナと螢の物語 (Story of KIZUNA and "Luciola cruciata") is a story of boys and girls who fight against insane gods, consuming their lives.

Story of KIZUNA and "Luciola cruciata" is a co-operative game. Players are members of Luciola cruciata, the defending organization. Their goal is to defend their town against invaders from nowhere, named Old Rebellion.

With multiple scenarios and multiple characters to choose from, this game can be played many times.

Be one of the characters and experience their battles.

Published in Japanese and English,the game plays like a mix of Pandemic and Tragedy Looper, with the characters having special abilities and playing through scenarios. This allows for solitaire play. The game has been turned into a theatrical show and has been performed on stage in Japan.