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Players: 2-5
Playing Time: 20-40
Age: 10+



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Forming arts with strings, Flashing your inspiration!

This game is a puzzle game with some strings. You use strings to form the pictures depicted by the cards. You need to be careful to match the lower and upper part of the strings where they cross each other.

It is the point of the game that there are three types of strings in this game. Red is one set consists of 2 circular strings, blue is a long string, and yellow is ne set consists of 2 circular strings crossing each other. You have to form the picture with a correct string(for example, the picture have only one string, you have to use a blue string). So, you need to be able to separate them from each other.

There are three rules, Normal Rule, Race Rule, and Kid's Rule. Race rule is for players who want a handicap. Kid's Rule is for playing with children.