Mein Friedberg Spiel
Mein Friedberg Spiel
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Players: 1-6
Playing Time: 5-30
Age: 5+

Mein Friedberg Spiel

Pegasus Spiele

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Mein Friedberg-Spiel is a collection of games related to Friedberg (hometown of Pegasus) to celebrate the 800th city anniversary in 2016.


  • Loveletter version, themed around the visit of the Tsar in Friedberg
  • Roman circular (3 Mens-)morris
  • Snakes&ladders, themed around the Friedberg main street, Kaiserstrasse
  • Advanced Mau Mau, themed with local arms and special Friedberg features
  • Mindmaze, with questions from the history of Friedberg
  • 32 standard playing card deck, illustrated with Friedberg pictures
  • Memo game with Friedberg illustrations
  • 2 different sized puzzles showing Friedberg views