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Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 30-50
Age: 8+


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The three Great Pyramids of the pharaohs of the Fourth Dynasty were built on the Giza Plateau. Besides, there were other structures destined to other members of the reigning family: Mastabas and Hypogea.

You and your group have just discovered a new mastaba and you are about to explore it. The first thing you find is a painting with three deities forming a triangle. You start to go forward when you also find a very complex mechanisms, which lead you to new chambers. Somehow, it seems everything is connected.

Each turn, the active player opens the access to a new chamber by manipulating the complex mechanisms from the chamber they are in. That player must choose a card from their hand, which will appear in the tomb, and moves their explorer to try to get treasures.

Players must place a card partially over 1 or 2 cards on the table. The deity of the played card must be able to beat at least one of the other deities from the cards it’s touching. If the new card is placed over 2 cards with the same symbol, win 1 treasure.

Then, move the Explorer pawn as many times as the played card indicates. If the movement ends on a card with the same coloured deity symbol as the played card, win 1 treasure

The goal is to get out with the maximum number of treasures. The game ends:

A) When one of the explorer reaches the Exit card. The other players remove 1 treasure point for every card on their way to reach the Exit card.

B) Or when the last card of the deck is drawn.