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Players: 2-8
Playing Time: 20
Age: 8+



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In Juices you assume the role of a Juice Master trying to make the best ones to make people happy. Your main goal is to do the highest amount on Juices, using the best combination of fruits and complements to make them unbeatable.

Juices is a hand-management, draft and pattern building game, where players try to create juices by combining the fruits that the play from their hand. Each player will have to make his own puzzle to maximize the amount of points of each of the juices that he do. You always give your card to the player in your right, but when you let him to do good Juices he will punish you.

Will you let him a good card just to take the one that you need? Or instead you will take a worse card just to prevent him on punishing you...?

These, and a lot more, in each game of Juices!