Count Leery
Count Leery
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Players: 3-6
Playing Time: 15
Age: 6+

Count Leery


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You want to collect as few cards as possible in Count Leery, but the rules for what to do when a cards appears will differ each game, so practice won't always make perfect.

Before the game begins, decide which rule cards to use for how to indicate numbers in the game: speaking in Japanese or English, using your fingers, clapping, etc. Lay these rule cards out, then reveal colored cards from the deck until each rule has two colored cards associated with it.

On a turn, reveal the top card of the deck, then indicate its number quickly in the proper way depending on the color of the card. If you do so, the next player immediately goes; if not, then you collect the card and all other face-up cards in the pile as well as a small amount of shame. Alternatively, when the cat card is revealed, everyone must race to place their hand on the deck, and whoever is slowest takes the pile of face-up cards.

Once the deck runs out — and you use only half the deck each game to keep some Mystery as to which cards await — whoever has collected the fewest cards wins.