Ars Combinatoria
Ars Combinatoria
Ars Combinatoria
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Players: 2-8
Playing Time: 5+
Age: 8+

Ars Combinatoria


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Ars Combinatoria is a collection of five games designed around the themes of time and human interaction.
  1. 時の祭壇 (Toki no Saidan)
    • Altar Of Time - manipulate your schedule to keep it 24 hours long, and increase your hand value to win.
  2. 幸せな時間 (Shiawase na Jikan)
    • Time Of Happiness - think of good or very good things in your past, present and future, according to cards you hold. The other players question you and win if they choose the correct cards you hold.
  3. 再会の約束 (Saikai no Yakusoku)
    • Promise Of Reunion - seal a promise to meet again at a time and place. The players that keep the promise are the winners.
  4. Unmei no Hito
    • Soulmates Destiny - Get to 4 of a kind in your hand by using another player's revealed hand.
  5. Himitsu no Sain
    • Secret Signs - a partnership game with players using secret signals to alter their hand value to be 30.