5ive Kings Court + Expansion Pack
5ive Kings Court + Expansion Pack
Product Information
Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 15+
Age: 6+

5ive Kings Court + Expansion Pack


  • $10.00

5ive: King's Court is a set-building game in which players take turns attempting to foil the plans of their rivals by completing their own royal court.

Players compete to complete a set of all five card types by completing each of five actions. Every action impacts another player, so Strategy is critical. Simple errors in judgement could prevent you from completing your court, allowing another player to take control and win the game!

The Player Expansion provides 15 additional cards to support 5-6 player games. Featuring Vikings, Ancient Egyptians and Tiki Characters - cards have been produced to seamlessly integrate to your standard 5ive: King's Court Deck.

For returning to standard 1-4 player games, 15 cards can be removed from the deck again, ensuring that 3 full 'courts' are removed (3 each of Block, Destroy, Recover, Draw, and Discard).