Rocket Age: Lure of Venus

Rocket Age: Lure of Venus

Cubicle 7 Entertainment

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The steamy jungles of Venus hide all manner of mysteries and dangers beneath their thick canopies, from ancient cities to deadly flora and fauna.

Explorers look to penetrate their shady depths while corporations seek to exploit the bounty of the Ishtar Range, something the natives Venusians will savagely resist. Lure of Venus contains a complete gazetteer of the alien world, including an in-depth look at Venusian Concordats as well as the planets many colonies.

Theres also a look at the savage Venusians high-tech forebears, the Erisians, and all manner of nasty wildlife, new equipment, occupations and more besides. Can our heroes survive Venus, or will they be lost forever in its jungles?