Code Triage
Product Information
Players: 1-4
Playing Time: 60-120
Age: 14+

Code Triage

Brando Gameworks

  • $49.00

Code Triage is a light to medium weight Cooperative board game for one to four players that plays in 1-2 hours. You and your teammates take on the roles of 4 different emergency room staff members of James Young Memorial Hospital, a failing medical center on the verge of being shut down by a government agency. You only have until the end of your shift to prove to them that the hospital deserves to stay open.

To accomplish this, players will need to coordinate care and prioritize which patients need to receive care first and which can wait until a later turn. Every round, patients will be added to the emergency room via ambulance or private vehicle with various conditions, needs, and risks. Patients with more critical conditions such as a heart attack or stroke have the risk of death, while others with more minor injuries, like an elbow sprain or knee pain may leave the ER against medical advice, if they don't receive treatment quick enough. Unexpected events such as an external disaster, code blue, and patients removing their IVs may also occur, causing more problems for the staff to deal with.

There are 3 ways to lose the game, and only one way to win. The players will lose if they are unable to place an incoming patient into one of 12 rooms, if 3 patients expire, or if they have not earned enough points from patient discharges to demonstrate to the agency that the hospital is worth staying open. Will you be able to make the tough decisions of patient care and save the hospital?