Wonderland Xiii
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Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 15-30
Age: 6+

Wonderland Xiii

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In order to rebuild the 13th chapter of Alice's Adventure in the Wonderland, the librarians of the Dream's Library venture into the mystic Wonderland to find and collect the missing spirits of Alice and other characters. However, the carrying capacity of the tunnel that connects reality and Wonderland is limited. Once it collapses, the spirits will be lost in the infinite darkness...

In Wonderland Xiii, players become the librarians of the Dream's Library, whose goal is to collect from the Wonderland as many spirit cards as possible by exploiting the limited keys and spirit cards in their notebook. Players score differently according to the pattern they collect. At game's end, the one who scored the highest becomes the best librarian of the Dream's Library and wins the game.