Tee oder Kaffee

  • $14.99

Which do you prefer? Tea or coffee?

In the small card game Tee oder Kaffee, players decide in turn whether they:

  • Play a set of cards for breakfast or tea time like "coffee + cake" or "tea + bagel + sausage + egg" to gain victory points; when empty-handed, the player receives a 3-point bonus.
  • Draw an additional card
  • Trade 1-3 cards with the pile
  • Use extra actions of cards like drawing from the pile and distributing cards to the other players, or choosing a card from the discard pile.

The game ends when one player has at least 40 points and one player gets rid of their hand cards after this happens (with this latter player receives a 10-point bonus). Each player may play a last set out of their hand. Whoever then has the most victory points wins.

The nice little twist between "play low-point combinations to get the bonus for 0 cards in hand" versus "collect more and more cards to have a maximum 10-point combination of four matching cards" combined with a short playing time makes the game interesting again and again.