Dark Souls: The Board Game – Tomb of Giants (PRE-ORDER)
Product Information
Players: 1-3
Playing Time: 90-120
Age: 14+

Dark Souls: The Board Game – Tomb of Giants (PRE-ORDER)

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Confront this iconic boss and his skeletal horde with Dark Souls: The Board Game, Tomb of Giants, featuring new foes, player characters, treasures, event cards, objective cards, and more!

Tomb of Giants gives you an evocative new area to explore from the original DARK SOULS video game, in a standalone core set containing everything needed for thrilling campaigns in Lordran. No other purchase is necessary.

It’s also backwards compatible with existing Dark Souls: The Board Game products, so you’re free to combine monsters from different areas for expanded campaigns.

  • 18 Miniatures (1 large boss, 3 characters, 1 mini boss, 13 enemy minis), 4 Double-sided Game Tiles, 3 Character Boards, 3 Token Boards, 1 Campaign Dashboard, 1 Rulebook, 15 Dice, 169 Cards, and 2 Health Dials
  • Confront an all new threat with the terrifying Gravelord Nito and his skeletal horde
  • This standalone game requires no other purchases to play
Revitalised, community-driven new ruleset
  • Backwards compatible with exisiting Dark Souls: The Board Game products
  • 1-4 players

Do you dare venture into the deep, dark places of Lordran and confront the terrifying undead?