AlakaSLAM - Ding & Dent
AlakaSLAM - Ding & Dent
Product Information
Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 30
Age: 13+

AlakaSLAM - Ding & Dent


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Any sorcerer worth their hat can cast a few spells in the privacy of their home; what sets the pros apart is their skill on the court. AlakasSLAM is a micro card game in which you play a sorcerer competing in the most important tennis match of all: the AlakaSLAM!

Players start with an eight-card hand and use up to three cards per turn to aim, hit, and enchant shots or get extra movement. Careful hand management is key as the cards you use to aim also determine if your ball snags in the net, flies out of bounds, or sets your opponent scrambling. Conserve cards to cautiously build up your mobility, or strike aggressively with powerful enchantments. A well-made shot could spell success — but miscalculate and forfeit the point!

The two-player variant focuses on strategic decisions while the four-player variant is more of a short party game of trusting your partner.