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Players: 1-4
Playing Time: 45-60
Age: 13+


NSKN Legendary Games

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An ancient tale, spoken only in whispers, tells of a forbidden underworld crafted at the dawn of time. Some say that it is a plain completely overtaken by the Mists. Others believe that it is still the domain of the Nightfather, and his testing ground for those he chose to become his champions.

Awaken, pick up your sword and follow the whispers that guide you into the depths. But beware! Monsters and perils await, and in the madness of the labyrinth, you may even face shadows of those, who were once your companions!

Shadowscape is competitive/Cooperative objective-based game of planning and skill, played in dungeon randomly built out of a set of different rooms. Players manage their tableau of skills and hands of fate cards to complete a set number of Nightfathers Whispers in order to win – alone or as a team.

Each turn players use double-sided Action Cards to move, search rooms and attack monsters (but not other players). Almost any Action can be boosted using symbols printed on Fate Cards, which also allow players to control enemies and manipulate the environment of the game.

Automated monster AI makes the game a varied and challenging experience both in its competitive, as well as Cooperative mode. The Cooperative mode also allows for solitaire play, with one player taking on the role of two or more Heroes trying to leave the dungeon of Shadowscape before the time runs out.

Shadowscape takes place in the Mistfall universe, once again brought to life by outstanding art by Enggar Adirasa, allowing players to take on the roles of iconic Heroes of both Mistfall and Heart of the Mists, and face the ruthless villains they know in a new and surprising game.