The Dungeon Books of Battle Mats - 2 Book set

Loke Battle Mats

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The Dungeon is a 2 book set.

An innovative modular set in Loke Battle Mats' Book of Battle Mats range.

Attention Adventurers! Grab your dice and get ready to roll initiative as the game is afoot and it just went modular!

The Dungeon Books of Battle Mats offer a set of two adaptive books of RPG battle maps which line up to create one endlessly evolving dungeon

Standard entry/exit points and a 360° spine allow you to create anything up to a 24”x24” play area from a set of books that fits on your bookshelf and in your bag!

This pair of books have 1 foot square (12"x12") RPG battle mat pages and are a must have tool to illustrate your game and track your dungeon combat scenes.