Teotihuacan - Deluxe Token Bundle (set of 79)

Teotihuacan - Deluxe Token Bundle (set of 79)

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  • $34.99

Take your Teotihuacan™ game to the next level with this token set of realistic resource tokens.  

Ditch the cardboard and grab these hand-painted resin pieces and hefty metal tokens that are sure to make every one of your plays exceptional.

This bundle includes:
- 30 cocoa beans
- 4 sacks of brown cocoa (To represent 5 cocoa beans)
- 15 wood
- 15 ore 
- 15 gold

Please note: There are less tokens in this bundle than come with the game. The game provides 5x tiles that you can put a token on indicating that  you have 5 of those tokens. We chose to reduce the token count to this game to keep the cost down a little bit.