Pora na kameleona
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Players: 2-6
Playing Time: 20
Age: 6+

Pora na kameleona

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Welcome to sunny Madagascar! You came here to make photos of one of the most interesting creatures - chameleons! Travel the Island and keep your eyes peeled for the perfect opportunity!

Pora na kameleona (Chameleon Time) is a dexterity Party game in which players will try to make photos of 6 different chameleons. At the beginning of the turn the top card of chameleon stack is revealed. The card has two features: Terrain and chameleon. Players will then locate the tile with corresponding Terrain and time. Time is determined by the number of already made photos, so if for example a purple chameleon by the waterfall is revealed and players already captured 2 such chameleons, players will need to take the tile with waterfall and 2 time sections. Player who has six different chameleons immediately wins the game.