Sine Tempore: Motherfang
Sine Tempore: Motherfang
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Players: 1-6
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Sine Tempore: Motherfang

Ludus Magnus Studio

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According to an ancient Primaevan, an outcast Hunter once made his way to the ravine of the striking beasts, in an effort to restore his honour. The cave before him was glowing pale blue and pulsing, Krags was an expert hunter and despite being far from his tribe, would never have forgotten how to use a lance. Nothing was ever able to rattle his nerves of steel, except what he saw that day.

While Krags ran panic-stricken, the MotherFang opened his jaws and struck the hunter with a bolt of electricity, instantly paralysing him. Krags couldn’t move a single muscle as the ThunderTooths began making their way towards their immobile prey, drooling and famished. The fauns were perfectly conscious, but they would have preferred not to be, to avoid having to watch what was about to happen.

Content: 1 Motherfang, 5 Thundertooth, 1 Thunderthooth Pet, 4 Enemy cards, 1 Pet card, 2 Wounds cards, 10 Token, 1 Nemesis mission card, 15 Prey action cards, 1 Tile.