Fruit Friends
Product Information
Players: 2-5
Playing Time: 10-20
Age: 14+

Fruit Friends

Japon Brand

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In Fruit Friends, a.k.a. くだものフレンズ, players compete for fruit over three rounds, hoping to unpeel the most points by game's end. Each round, a player takes a hand of seven fruit cards, then divides them into three pairs of cards, throwing away the final card. Two of these pairs will be taken by other players, with you getting the third pair, so make good choices when you're dividing the fruit!

After three rounds, the game ends and you score points for what you've collected. The game includes eight types of fruit, some scoring based on how much you collect of a different type of fruit, some being worthless if you collect too many, and many scoring huge points if you collect lots of them.